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The Ruislip Lido Railway is a 12 inch gauge railway operated entirely by volunteers. The line runs through the woodlands skirting the lake from Woody Bay Station beside the beach, all the way round to Willow Lawn Station which is close to the car park. Here you can watch the loco being turned on the turntable ready for the return journey. The two and a half mile round trip takes about 35 minutes.

All our trains are wheelchair, pushchair and buggy friendly. The service is normally operated by one of our large diesel locomotives. On weekends and Bank Holidays, our steam locomotive 'Mad Bess', which is a half scale version of the Ffestiniog Railway locomotive 'Blanche', may pull the train.

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Another piece of the railway consigned to the history books

If you've ever walked the path round the lido you may have come across a piece of our track that comes out of our railway through a gate into the public area near Woody Bay.  This was for many years our Ballast Siding, so called because its where we used to have deliveries of fresh stone dropped which we use to maintain our track.  In the last few years it has seen very little use as we now cannot get large lorries round to that area for deliveries and all materials now come in at Willow Lawn Station which has much better access.

A decision had to be made about spending money on maintaining the points that lead into the siding and it was considered un-economic considering the little use it gets.  The last train used the Ballast Siding yesterday (14th September) as a final fairwell and various members posed for photographs beside locomotive Lady of the Lakes.  The final nail in the coffin for the siding was hammered home at 5pm when the job was finished with the siding removed and the points replaced with plain line. 

Website Fault

We are aware that various photos on our website are not showing at present and we are working to correct the fault. We're sorry if this causes you any problems. Information on the site is still correct, including our running dates and times.

Visiting in August?

Are you planning on visiting us during August? If so, please click here to see the days we are running.

We are doing everything we can within our power to operate the railway every day during the summer holidays. However due to a shortage of volunteers, this may not always be possible. We are only advertising dates at present we know we have volunteers to run the railway.

Do you ever find yourself at a loose end? Trying to think of a new hobby to take up? Then why not consider joining our railway, and you could become part of the train crew! Or if you don't fancy operating the trains, we need volunteers helping in our Shop, Tea Room, track maintenance department and workshop. If you would like to find out more, please click here.

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