Ruislip Lido Railway

Locomotive No.6 'Mad Bess'

Locomotive No.6 'Mad Bess'

No.6 'Mad Bess'

Type: 2-4-0ST+T Steam Engine
Fuel: Oil Fired
Weight: 3.5 to 4 tons (approx fuelled)
Built: 1986-98
Builder: The Ruislip Lido Railway Society
Other Notes: Can be regauged to 15-inch

Advanced Technical Details

Tractive Effort: 1594 lbs at 85% B.P.
E.D.H.P: 64 H.P.
Cylinders: (2) 5" dia x 7" stroke
Wheel Diameter: 14" drivers, 9" others
Coupled Wheelbase: 2' 6"
Overall Wheelbase: 12' 6"
Overall Length: 16' 4"
Overall Height: 4' 10"
Overall Width: 3' 0"
Pressure: 150 psi
Gauge: 12" or 15"
Minimum Radius Curve: 60 ft
Water Capacity: 200 gallons
Fuel (Oil) Capacity: 50 gallons
Fuel (Coal) Capacity: 4 cwt
Valve Gear: Stephenson's, via rocking shafts to outside piston valves
Brakes: Air, brakes to driving and tender wheels
Lubrication: Grease for major bearings, oil for cylinders and other bearings
Maximum Speed: 17mph

Design for 'Mad Bess'
Copyright Ruislip Lido Railway Society Ltd 2012

To learn a bit more on how a steam engine works, take a look at this video.

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